Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remakes of 70'and 80's Horror Movies Must Cease!

As a child with almost no supervision growing up, my sisters and I began watching pretty much anything on tv that we wanted, including any and all horror movies we could find. It was also very easy to buy a ticket to The Apple Dumpling Gang at the local movie theater, but acutally sneak into My Bloody Valentine. That being said, as we are in the midst of our thirties now, we still love a good horror flick - The Ring, Saw, Signs, Shaun of the Dead, etc. What we horror officianados (or so we like to call ourselves) find reprehensible is the barrage of remakes of classic horror films such as Prom Night, Halloween, and the most offensive, two - yes two, remakes of Carrie, perhaps one of the best horror flicks of all time. Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie cannot be equaled under any circumstances (excellent Sissy cameo in The Ring 2, by the way) So if any of you Hollywood bigwigs ever happen upon my little lowcountry blog, please create something new and stop trying to improve upon these timeless classics that are already perfectly gory and have just the right amount of cheese and camp as they are!